Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Akhil Garland?

Akhil Garland, PeoplesVC Chief Executive Officer, is a serial entrepreneur blessed with the itch to invent, dream, build, and harvest business opportunities. As a high school student, Mr. Garland was busy teaching guitar, programming and creating his own video games in machine language, researching patents, and was always looking for the next opportunity. He went on to earn a B.A. in mathematical sciences from Connecticut College in 1985.

This thread of creativity continued over the next 30+ years in which he ran the Information Technology group developing software for a chain of international hospitals, directed the IT group for a College, and raised nearly $100 Million for his companies which spanned a wide variety of industries: audio production, music publishing (he recorded and sold over $1 Million of his own original music), multi-media, internet, real estate (he designed and built an ‘eco village’ from scratch wherein he experimented with sustainable living, farming and manufacturing).

A mission-minded entrepreneur, he saw an opportunity when the JOBS Act of 2012 passed to help create meaningful, entrepreneurial jobs — an opportunity to bring together a confluence of his own experiences (software development, internet, entrepreneurial expertise, fundraising expertise, etc.) to help make this happen.